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Playstation 2 Slim+Controller (PS2 COMPATIBLE CONTROLLER) PS2 Console (Second-hand)

Playstation 2 Slim+Controller (PS2 COMPATIBLE CONTROLLER) PS2 Console (Second-hand)

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Playstation 2 Slim+Controller (PS2 COMPATIBLE CONTROLLER) PS2 (Second-hand)

-Enter the console, wired and ps2 compatible controller (the controller can be wireless or cable, depending on stock)

In September 2004 the most important revision, V-12 or SCPH-70000, was released. Available inNovember 2004 , it is smaller than the old version and has the Ethernet port built into the console. In addition, the dimensions and weight have been reduced to 229 mm in height, 150 mm in width, and 25 mm in depth (that is, 32% less) supporting vertically, it can also be supported horizontally, in which case the dimensions change. of position.

Due to its slimmer profile, it does not contain the 3.5-inch expansion bay, and therefore does not support the internal hard drive, so you cannot make use of the advantages of the official hard drive or play such a specific game. of this peripheral such as the Fantasy XI , nor being able to use the official PlayStation 2 Linux package. There have also been conflicts in the numbering of this model , since there are two subversions of the SCPH-70000. One of them includes the old EE and GS and the other contains the new EE+GS unified chip. Two proposals to name them the old model (separate EE and GS) V11.5 and the old model V12 and the new V13. Nowadays, most people just call both models V12 or V12 for the old and V13 for the new.

Comparison of the thick original PlayStation 2 (Fat) and the slim version (Slim), with an Eye Toy camera connected to the USB port.

The V12 model was first released in black. A silver version is available in the UK , Australia , Japan and already throughout Europe . There is also a V14 model (SCPH-70000 and SCPH-75002) which contains the EE+GS chip and different circuitry compared to previous revisions, some chips contain a Copyright date of 2005 compared to 2000 or 2001 for older models. It also has a different lens and some PlayStation issues on even the PlayStation 2 . Later revisions improved compatibility with PlayStation games.

In late 2005 it was found that some power supplies on the black slim models were faulty and could overheat. The units were called by Sony , with the company supplying a replacement model . The 70040 was the one that suffered from this problem the most since, being new, Sony had not noticed such an error . On July 9, 2005 , Sony released the 70050 with the problems solved.

Another upgrade to the PlayStation 2 slim console (SCPH-90000) was released in Japan on November 22, 2007 , and in the US and Europe in late 2008 , with an internal redesign that incorporated the power supply as part of the console , and a quieter fan that managed to lower the internal temperature , unlike previous versions, reducing the total weight to 720 g. The SCPH-90000 and 90001 series of consoles manufactured after March 2008 incorporate a BIOS revision, which corrects the problems of the previous models. The last model of the PlayStation 2 Slim was the SCPH-90010.

On October 19, 2009 , the PlayStation 2 manages to accumulate 137 million consoles sold worldwide, an accumulated amount since its launch in the year 2000 .

The PlayStation 2 is the only Sixth Generation console that still has its lifespan and official support. Still publishing many titles that did not see the light in competitors of its generation such as Gamecube or Xbox . This is due to a strategy: it is the best-selling console in history , which makes it a faithful competitor to the Seventh Generation Wii , the latter being the cheapest Seventh Generation video game console on the market. It can already be said that PlayStation 2 became the most popular console of all time. [ citation needed ]

InDecember 2010 , coinciding with the Christmas period, Sony launched an LCD television that incorporates an adapted version of the PlayStation 2 in its base.

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