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Console Nintendo DSi XL (Dark Brown)(second hand very good)

Console Nintendo DSi XL (Dark Brown)(second hand very good)

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Console Nintendo DSi XL (Dark Brown)(second hand very good)

-Enter console and charger

-No box


The dimensions of the DSi XL are 161mm wide, 91.4mm high and 21.2mm deep (compared to 137mm x 74.9mm x 18.9mm for the current model), weighing in at 314 grams (vs. 214.5 grams for the standard DSi) and features a larger, more robust 129.3mm stylus , plus a longer battery life of 13-17 hours at brightest. bass.

The Nintendo DSi XL includes all the features of the original Nintendo DSi : two cameras, image and sound editor, sound recorder and player, the ability to download video games directly to the console from the Nintendo DSi Store, and also includes the browser . web Nintendo DSi Browser for surfing the Internet via Wi-Fi wireless networks. Nintendo delayed its release in order to compete directly with Sony 's PSP , which was then dominating the market against the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS . The game console is available in two colors, burgundy and bronze, and was released at a price slightly higher than the Nintendo DSi model.

The Nintendo DSi XL has a 93% larger screen than the Nintendo DS Lite. It has a glossy finish on the top and a matte finish on the bottom, to improve grip on surfaces. Its brightness is more powerful than that of the DS, DS Lite and DSi versions. In addition, the DSi XL features a larger and brighter stylus than the previous three, which makes it easier to control the game on the touch screen .

It includes all the features of the Nintendo DSi, plus easy access to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Does not include "SLOT 2" slot for GBA games or peripheral insertion.
  • Storage:
  • AAC audio playback (only files with MP4, M4A and 3GP extensions). Does not support non-AAC formats, including MP3 files.
  • Cameras: one internal, next to the microphone, for the user to portray himself and another external at 640x480 each. two
  • Available colors: white, black, blue, red, maroon and pink.
  • It is compatible with original Nintendo DS games, both in LAN and Wi-Fi modes (except those that require the SLOT2 as an expansion port), plus they are not region-locked.
  • Wireless communication is based on the 802.11g protocol, using 802.11i for security ( WPA and WPA2 with TKIP and AES ). However, original DS games will still need to use the IEEE 802.11b protocol with WEP security, as they are programmed to use original DS technology, although DSiWare or DSi card games such as Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 are trained to use DSi technology.

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