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Feel the freedom

Forget everything that happened and what you know about the games The Legend of Zelda . Enter a world of discovery, exploration and adventure. In Breath of the Wild You will travel through meadows, forests and mountain peaks to discover what has become of the desolate kingdom of Hyrule in this open-air adventure.

explore as you like

Hyrule opens before you, giving you a world of possibilities. Have the freedom to tour it however you want. Climb towers and mountains following your intuition to find what you are looking for. On your way you will find a multitude of enemies and beasts that will want your survival to be diminished. Collect ingredients to prepare meals and elixirs that help your survival. Lives Hyrule like never before!

More than 100 sanctuaries to discover and explore

All the sanctuaries are waiting for you to discover them. Find them in various ways and solve the puzzles they house. Survive the traps and mechanical devices of the shrines to get special items and other items that will help you on your adventure.

equip yourself conscientiously

When you have a whole world waiting to be discovered, you can't just explore with your clothes on. You will have to make use of a variety of outfits and equipment to face the inclement weather in order to be able to cover everything Hyrule . Some items of clothing will even produce certain effects, such as making you faster or stealthier, to help you on your adventure.

think to win

In such a vast world there must be enemies of all shapes and sizes, but if you add to that the fact that each one has their own weapons and attack methods, your survival becomes more complicated. Think and act to develop a strategy to defeat them.

adventure with amiibo

If you use the Wolf Link amiibo (sold separately), Wolf Link will appear in the game. It will attack your enemies on its own and help you find items. A new series of amiibo from Legend of Zelda is on the way.

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