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Visit the Sinnoh of many years ago to capture and research your wild Pokémon and create the first Pokédex region of. Know the Hisui region, Jubilee Village and the characters from Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Hisui's majestic nature

Your adventure takes place a long long time ago in Hisui, a region full of majestic nature that does not stop expanding, when it was still rare to see Pokémon and humans living in harmony. In time, this region would come to be called Sinnoh, a name you may be familiar with.

Mount Corona stands in the center of Hisui and is surrounded by areas with very varied environments. Each has its own natural characteristics and is home to different Pokémon ecosystems. One of them is the Obsidian Prairie, full of beautiful flowers and lush green vegetation. Apparently it is full of Pokémon that like meadows and forests.

Villa Jubilee, your base of operations

Here you can find Villa Jubilee, the headquarters of Team Galaxy, made up of people who came from various regions to study Hisui. This team is formed by several divisions, such as the medical division, the security division and the research division, which is in charge of studying how Pokémon live.

Villa Jubilee will also be the base for your investigative missions.

When you receive an assignment and prepare for your next investigation, you will depart from this town to study the different areas of the Hisui region. Once your mission is finished, you will have to go back to prepare for the next one.

In addition to the headquarters of the Galaxia Team and your accommodation, in Villa Jubilee you will be able to find many very useful services and institutions , such as the bartering post, where you can trade Pokémon with other players.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for certain features.

pokemon with a mysterious gift

In the Hisui region, you can find Special Pokémon that have received a mysterious gift. Some of these Pokémon, known as lordships, are especially strong. Others seem more than willing to help the people of the region, or so it is reported. Your encounters with them will be a key piece in your adventure.

Guardians at the service of special Pokémon

The people of Hisui have great respect for these Pokémon and designate Guardians who are in charge of taking care of them. These make sure that their territories remain safe and provide them with water and food.

enraged lordly pokemon

A strange phenomenon is taking place causes rage to take over lordly Pokémon and that they become difficult to control. Your mission as a member of the investigation division will be to appease them.

Dodge attacks and throw calm spheres

Hitting a rampaging lordly Pokémon with a calm sphere isn't easy, as they won't stop attacking you. As soon as you get the slightest chance, throw as many calmspheres at them as you can. Just be careful when aiming, like with Poké Balls.

Take advantage of the fighting to achieve your goal

While Lordy Pokémon make admirable opponents, they also become disoriented when you defeat them in battle. Thanks to this, it will be easier to hit them with a calmosphere to get some advantage.

Main character - Kira or Luka

As the main character in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you will join the research division of Team Galaxy. Your mission will consist of meet each of the Pokémon species from each corner of Hisui to complete the first Pokédex of the region.

Two members of the investigative division who are around your age and have been with the division for a long time. The aspect that you decide to have at the beginning of your adventure will determine if it will be Kira or Luka who accompanies you

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