I Won´T Forget You - Princessa (CD) (second hand good)

I Won´T Forget You - Princessa (CD) (second hand good)

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I Won´T Forget You - Princessa CD (second hand good)

I won't forget you is the third studio album by the Spanish artist Princessa , released on March 22, 1999 , although her single Snowflakes was already known in 1998 as the theme song for a famous German series. The single that accompanied the release of the album was the self-titled I won't forget you , supported by a controversial Solid Jeans campaign, followed by (You Just) Believe In You . In this album we find rarities such as Once in a lifetime , English version of the theme from Princessa's first album Que te Quiero , or The Way The Story Goes version of Sarah Brightman 's theme Only An Ocean Away . It is Princessa's first album entirely in English , without any Spanish tracks .

list of topics

  • 01. "I Won't Forget You"
  • 02. "Grand design"
  • 03. "I wanna live with you"
  • 04. "(You just) believe in you"
  • 05. "I was wrong"
  • 06. "It's Just Begun"
  • 07. "The way the story goes"
  • 08. "Shut up and kiss me"
  • 09. "So Many People"
  • 10. "Tell Her"
  • 11. "A Better Man"
  • 12. "Once in a lifetime"
  • 13. "Snowflakes"

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