MEGAPI + CONTROL (console mounted, NEW)

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MEGAPI + CONTROL (console mounted, NEW)

(remote can be wireless or wired depending on stock)


The kit includes:
1.Raspberry Pi with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
2. SUPERPI BOX, functional POWER and RESET buttons (the shutdown is done by software).
3. HDMI cable
4.Cool fan, aluminum dissipators.
5. Screwdriver and screws (already mounted on the console)
6. 2.5A power adapter
7.Micro SD card 16GB class 10
8. MicroSD CARD Reader

9. Bluetooth remote

10. SD card case

-You have no programs installed on the SD, you don't have games !!!

-The console accessories may change brand or color without notice depending on stock.

-The model of the Raspberry that we use in the assembly depends on the stock, among these three models: Raspberry Pi 3 B, Raspberry (B Plus) or Raspberry 2B

Safe shutdown and safe reset
LED power indicator
Functional ON and RESET functional buttons
SUPERPi CASE designed specifically for Raspberry Pi 3 B + (B Plus) 2
Easy access to the SD card and all other ports without opening the case.
SD card case

We specially designed the case to store your SD cards in the appearance of a game cartridge to give it a holistic look when placed on the Super Pi case.
Safe shutdown and safe reset

SUPERPi CASE can have the functions SAFE SHUTDOWN and SAFE RESET. (The scripts are necessary).

* Safe shutdown scripts:
SFC style

We created this Pi case by applying the most iconic element in the world of retro games as a tribute to the most classic console ever created.

* Power button, reset button and LED all functional
Side LAN and USB cover

Behind the small hinged door, you can access the LAN port and 2 USB ports.
Enhanced HDMI and audio ports

This is done to improve the experience of using your audio and HDMI output cables.
Micro SD card slot on the side

We place the slot for your Micro SD card on the side to allow more space so you can operate more freely.

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