CAÑAS Y BARRO (3 DVD, complete series) (very good second-hand)

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El Palmar celebrates its most important festival, the raffle for fishing spots. Fortune smiles at Tonet, who gets "La Seguiota", the preferred place. Cañamel provides Tonet with the money and the arts for the exploitation of the place and this makes them partners. On the night of San Juan some young people sing songs in front of the tavern that stain the honor of Cañamel. Tonet comes to his defense by fighting with them. Cañamel ends up breaking his friendship with Tonet and prohibits him from entering his house and his tavern.

Lacking Neleta's love and lacking the shelter of the tavern, Tonet returns to his father's house and to his work. Cañamel is getting sicker and sicker, so he moves to Ruzafa, accompanied by Neleta's aunt. A few days later, the aunt returns to tell Neleta that Samaruca, Cañamel's sister-in-law, is in Ruzafa. Neleta marches to Ruzafa and drives Samaruca from there. She alone with Cañamel she manages to see the content of her will, where she appears as universal heir as long as she remains a widow. Neleta returns after her funeral, but, without being seen from her, she tells Tonet to visit her that night ...

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