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Minecraft is an open world game, and it doesn't have a clearly defined purpose. This allows a great deal of freedom in terms of choosing how you play. Despite this, the game has a system that awards achievements for completing certain actions. The camera is first-person, although players have the ability to switch to a third-person perspective at any time.

The game focuses on the placement and destruction of blocks, being that this is made up of cubic three-dimensional objects, placed on a fixed grid pattern. These cubes or blocks mainly represent different elements of nature, such as earth, stone, minerals, trunks, among others.

Players are free to move around their environment and modify it by creating, collecting and transporting the blocks that make up the game, which can only be placed respecting the game's fixed grid. Players create "farms", which are structures and mechanisms to get a certain material easier (for example a farm that generates gold automatically). Special structures such as villages, mining galleries, sea temples, pyramids and jungle temples can be found in the game.

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