Trust Gaming GXT 540 - Gamepad for Playstation 3 and PC (new)

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Trust Gaming GXT 540 - Gamepad for Playstation 3 and PC (new)

 Trust GXT 540 Yula
Controller for PC and PlayStation 3
Enjoy the action on your PC, laptop and PlayStation 3. The Trust's GXT 540 controller ensures fun and comfort on any platform.

Ergonomic design
The GXT 540 is designed for long and intense gaming sessions, more enjoyable with its comfortable design. Enjoy playing for hours: Its ergonomic design and rubber coating guarantee a firm hold.

The 13 buttons, two analog joysticks and the digital panel are ideal for long gaming sessions. The remote control has a 3 meter cable with a USB connector.

 Compatibility with all kinds of games
It doesn't matter what game you're playing or on what device. The GXT 540 controller is aimed at all parties. With the direct input / X-input switch, the GXT 540 is compatible with any game.

Enjoy the experience of pressure-sensitive trigger controls and analog shoulder buttons on your PlayStation 3. Or play on your laptop and PC like never before.

 3 meter cable
13 buttons, 2 control levers and digital panel
Pressure sensitive buttons and triggers (ps3 only)
Rubber cover for a perfect grip
Direct input x input switch for maximum compatibility in the gaming environment

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