Nintendo 3DS Console - BLACK Color

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Nintendo 3DS Console - BLACK Color

    Stereoscopic 3D system
    Creation and reproduction of photos and videos in 3D. Available from December 7, 2011 after updating the console to version 3.0.0-5 or later.
    Main processor (CPU): Dual Core ARM 11 at 266MHz
    Primary memory (RAM): 128 MB. Inside the console there is a Fujitsu mB82M8080-07L chip, this chip has been analyzed, and thanks to the X-rays, 2 dies of 64 Megabytes each could be found, which makes it a 128 MB RAM. The RAM of the new Nintendo notebook is low power and high speed; It is a Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM) type, and RAM is capable of reaching a speed of 4.2 GB / sec.
    Dedicated video memory (VRAM): 4 MB
    Graphic Processor (GPU): Pica200 DMP, reaching a maximum of 15.3 million polygons per second with their respective filters (per-pixel lighting, procedural textures or antialiasing). Pica 200 stands out for its speed, graphic quality, and low consumption. For this, it uses the proprietary Maestro-2G technology, which in its second generation implements new and powerful custom graphic algorithms going to a power of 400MHz.
    Backward compatibility: Nintendo 3DS is compatible with all NDS and NDSi games. Multiplayer functions (including "DS download" mode), camera functions (such as Art Academy), and online functions can be used. The graphics will receive improvements, in addition, the image will have a better smoothing. However, as the upper screen of NDS and NDSi was smaller, in the Nintendo 3DS they are seen with black stripes on the sides. Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DS games that use the GBA slot feature are not compatible with it because it does not have it.
    Size (closed): Approximately 13,462 cm wide, 7,366 cm long, 1,545 cm thick.
    Weight: Approximately 250g
    Wikipedia source

-In between the console, pencil and charger (European charger) has no original packaging !!!!

Release Date: March 25, 2011

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