Syndicate (ps3) (second hand good)

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Syndicate (ps3) (second hand good)

Syndicate is the reinvention of the classic cult franchise that was released in 1993 - a first-person shooter developed by Starbreeze.

2069: The developed world is no longer ruled by politicians, but divided into regions controlled by megacorporations known as the Syndicates. These Syndicates have revolutionized the way the consumer interacts with the digital world. People no longer need devices to access information and control technology, but can do so using a chip that is implanted in their brain, for them the fact of carrying a chip is not alienating, quite the opposite and they flock to it. to have this chip implanted and thus be able to enjoy everything that the Syndicate of their choice offers them: housing, health care, banking, insurance, education, entertainment and work. A complete package, an ideal lifestyle. But not all are advantages, in return, the Syndicates obtain information. And this makes it easier for you to control individuals and their behavior. With little oversight from governments, business has turned to war and the Syndicates will not stop until they reach the ultimate dominance of the market.In the first line of fire are agents, employees of the Syndicates who have bioengineering enhancements as well of the implanted chips. They are capable of blasting through the entire connected world, including their enemies, their weapons, and the environment around them, making them the world's most effective and deadly technological weapons. In Syndicate you can put yourself in the shoes of one of them, Miles Kilo, the latest prototype agent from Eurocorp.

-It has no manual !!!

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