FIFA 19 PC (The box contains a download code - Origin) - Standard Edition

FIFA 19 PC (The box contains a download code - Origin) - Standard Edition

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Green Point FIFA 19 PC (The box contains a download code - Origin) – Standard Edition

Play at the pinnacle of football across a wide variety of FIFA 19 modes, with official match presentations and extensive and varied tournament experiences including the Champions League, Europa League, European Super Cup and a new team of commentators. with Derek Roe and Lee Dixon.

Champions League Mode: Enjoy the drama that unfolds in the official UEFA Champions League tournament from the group stage to the iconic final. Or play your own custom version of the tournament with any European club of your choice.

Immerse yourself in Europe's most prestigious club competitions with their own official broadcasts, kit badges, tournament match balls and iconic UEFA Champions League, Europa League and European Super Cup trophies.

The new Active Touch System changes the way you receive and touch the ball, providing closer control, greater fluidity, creativity and greater player personality
Use new ways to touch the ball at first touch, such as cutting when receiving, volleying after control, or even skill-specific animations, such as the Neymar Trap to beat your opponent and create new opportunities in front of goal.

Take advantage of a new system that gives players tools to establish multiple tactical approaches, offering detailed pre-match customization, as well as more options to make dynamic in-match adjustments from the D-Pad. Each tactical approach combines offensive and defensive formations, mindsets, and playstyles, allowing you to easily customize your playstyle for any given situation.

With the new 50/50 Battles gameplay, player reaction and player attributes will determine who will win split balls on the pitch.

Real Player Motion Technology: Innovative animation system returns with increased coverage across the pitch (improved animations in tactical defense, impact balance and physical loads bring greater realism to player movement with greater responsiveness) and personality that will take the game to new levels).

In El Camino: Champions, take control of iconic young footballer Alex Hunter and pursue Champions League glory.