In Asia you die under the stars (book)

In Asia you die under the stars (book)

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Jose María Gironella was born in Darnius, Gerona, in 1917, and has been married to Magda Castañer since 1946. In that same year he revealed himself as a writer with his novel Un hombre, with which he won the Nadal Prize. That work was followed by The Tide (1948) and the famous fictional series formed by Los cipreses que se Dios (1953), A million dead (1961) and La Paz (1966), which later continued with Los Hombres Lloran Alone. He is also the author of Condemned to Live (Planet Award 1971), the test book 100 Spaniards and God (1969) and numerous titles of essays and travels such as Ghosts of my brain (1958), China, innumerable tears (1965 ), In Asia one dies under the stars (1968), The scandal of the Holy Land (1978), Letter to my dead father (1978), and a book of interviews, in collaboration with Rafael Borràs, 100 Spaniards and Franco (1979 ). Tender world, cruel world (1981) collected a selection of his best journalistic works. In 1982 he published The Scandal of Islam and in 1983 Appointment at the Cemetery. With his novel The Disturbing Doubt he won the Seville Athenaeum Prize in 1988; in 1989 appeared Jerusalem of the Gospels, I, Muhammad, In the shadow of Chopin and Letter to my dead mother, New 100 Spaniards and God (1994) and The heart hosts many shadows (1995). The path is made by walking, he won second prize at the Fernando Lara Novel Prize in 1997. In 1999 he published The Little Things of God.

In Asia you die under the stars

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