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The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (HARD COVER BOOK) JOSÉ SARAMAGO

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (HARD COVER BOOK) JOSÉ SARAMAGO

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The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (HARD COVER BOOK) JOSÉ SARAMAGO

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The Gospel according to Jesus Christ, which surprised the Catholic world so much, presents a worldly vision of the events related to Jesus: the circumstances of his birth, the discovery of love with Mary Magdalene, the anguish of knowing what the true meaning of his existence is. before the eyes of God... Since many have already tried to write the history of what happened among us, according to what has been transmitted to us by those who, from the beginning, were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word, it seemed to me also, later to inform me exactly about everything from the origins, to write to you in an orderly way, great Theophilus, so that you know the strength of the doctrine you have received. Luke, 1, 1-4 «The gospel according to Jesus Christ responds to the desire of a man and a writer to excavate to the roots of civilization itself, in the mystery of its tradition, to extract the essential questions. Who is this our God, first Jewish and now Christian, who wants blood, death, so that the balance of a world that is nourished only by its laws is restored? How can the new law be the law of Love if the mortgage of eternal damnation still weighs on man? How can man think of himself as a divine creature worthy of immortality, if throughout his existence he must submit to a law of terror that pre-exists and is external to him? Why should we fear eternal punishment when the punishment, for the just, should be in this life of ours, in remorse and in the awareness of our unworthiness? The Gospel of José Saramago is all like that, tragically problematic, and it would be absurd to condemn it with laws that are not its own literary, poetic, and philosophical laws. Here the divine is not denied, the latent religiosity in the heart of each man: what is done is to interrogate him, question him, accuse him. Passionately, religiously. Like Milton, on the losing side, who is always, let us not forget, a fallen angel." Luciana Stegagno Picchio "My book is a truth, a story of the encounter between Jesus and God," affirms José Saramago, who places all possible doubts in the head of Christ, a man chosen for a mission that he did not expect to carry out. The critics have said... «The gospel according to Jesus Christ is enough to give Saramago a place in the universal library and in the memory of men.» The Nation

Religious and spiritual fiction | modern and contemporary fiction
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212 x 152mm.
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