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Trojan horse 3 (book) JJ BENÍTEZ

Trojan horse 3 (book) JJ BENÍTEZ

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Trojan horse 3 (book) JJ BENÍTEZ


In this third part of the diary of the greatest American who "traveled" to Palestine in the first century, the reader, among other fascinating surprises, will find the answer to one of the great unknowns in the life of the Son of Man: his childhood. "Something" that the evangelists silenced, depriving us of a more authentic perspective on the greatest figure in history. No one, until today, had had the audacity to dare to narrate, step by step; what those first years of the human incarnation of the Son of God were like. A life as disturbing, joyful, painful and intense as that of millions of human beings. Could you imagine, for example, that Jesus lived more than two years in Alexandria? Did you ever suspect that you were a lover of music and drawing? What really happened, when he was twelve years old, in the temple in Jerusalem? Saidan. Trojan Horse 3 also offers you a unique account of the appearances of Jesus in Lake Tiberias, as well as a disconcerting description of his "glorious body." As JJ Benítez writes in this controversial work, “if your religious principles are definitely crystallized and you don't feel strong enough to evolve, please don't read Saidan. Trojan Horse 3»

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